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August 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've been thinking about taking on the 365 day Project for months but wasn't sure if I could handle the commitment. But lately it seems like I'm taking so many personal pictures of Scarlett just around the house that it wouldn't be that hard to keep up with, lol! For those of you who have never heard of the 365 Project, it's basically a personal challenge to myself. Getting me to take out my camera at least once every single day. Snapping and documenting one moment in our life each day. All I keep thinking is what a beautiful album all these images would be and I could look back on them forever! These images will be a piece of my own heart! It will be my creative outlet, so explore new methods, styles, and seeing things in a different light. I'm very excited to see what I learn through this process! In this blog, the "image of the day" from my life (usually Scarlett), will be put at the top. I may have to split the blogs between more than one since I'm not sure if a single blog could hold 365 images, lol! So we'll see as time goes! I start with the last two images that I took of Scarlett these last couple days...


{ August 20 }

Strong t-storms, lighting, and rain last night! Woke everyone up but Scarlett. Love the peaceful sound of rain though!

{ August 19 } 

Timeless reading outside.

{ August 18 }

Playtime in the kitchen.

{ August 17 }

I brought my camera over to take a picture, she heard it and turned around at the perfect moment <3

{ August 16 }

Scarlett's birthday party! She turned 3 today and said it was the "best party EVER!" Haha!


{ August 15 }

It's a cup of coffee in bed kinda day :)

{ August 14 }

I LOVE this because she is always holding things with her toes! A pair of monkey feet here...

{ August 13 }

A mini meltdown...

{ August 12 } 

Sneaking a peak of her show after a bath :)

{ August 11 }

Her growing crap toy has finally become gigantic!

{August 10 }

Scarlett's at grandma's and Garrett's at band practice so I've got the evening to myself :) This calls for a sweet fancy drink and Big Brother!

{ August 9 }


{ August 8 }

New generation entertainment.

{ August 7 }


{ August 6 }

Reading time at the library.

{ August 5 }

Playing with the self-timer for the first time on the new camera. I'm rarely in front of the camera so Scarlett and I were way over due for a non-iPhone picture of just the two of us :)


{ August 4, 2014 }

Scarlett was playing around with one of my newborn wraps this morning after a newborn session.

{ August 3 }

Yay! Lots of rain this weekend and mid-summer too! We have been needing it SO bad and excited for everything to be green again. She almost forgot what rain looked like, haha!


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