Scarlett at the River | Fallbrook Child Photographer

September 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

4 years ago I was blessed by the most amazing and important thing in my life! She is my everything and I'm growing more and more proud of the little girl she is growing into. She's sweet but sassy, loving but independent, and has just about the biggest imagination I've ever seen! Just this past August my baby girl turned 4! It had been a while since I've taken her out to a location for pictures so we were way overdue! PLUS I had a new location to explore. One of the best things about having a kid as a photographer is that you always have a model! So we set out to this beautiful preserve in Fallbrook one evening and the river was amazing! She was so timid at first but then I couldn't get her out! It's all so shallow in this area that you just walk all over. There were seashells in the sand under the river so Scarlett made it her mission to find as many as she could. Even the paths around the river were covered in sand. What an amazing place!



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