FAQs Cake Smash Sessions




When is the best time to book a cake smash?

Clients are welcome to book as early as they'd like. Ideally AT LEAST 4 weeks is preferred. This way, if there's any items I need to order for your session, there will be time to do so. I also get asked when the session should take place. This varies. Some people want the session close to baby's birthday. Others would like to use the images for a birthday party, birthday invites, or to have back by the baby's birthday. In that case, you want to schedule the session approximately 3 weeks before when you want them back by.


How long does it take to get the images back? 

About 1 week after the session, you will receive an email with a link to your online selection gallery. This gallery will contain all the images that came out well during the session. This is the gallery you choose your images from. Package 1 includes 12 images and package 2 includes 25 images. Additional images may be purchased at this time for $25/each image, or 5 for $100, or 10 for $175. Once your choices are final, let me know and you'll be placed on my final edit list. Turnaround time for finals is approximately 1 week (a little longer during holiday season). If purchasing additional images, you may Venmo or an email invoice will be sent. Once the finals are completed, you'll receive a new email with the link and download instructions. 


What to bring for the session?

A familiar snack is great to have on hand (cheerios, puffs, fruit pieces, etc) in case we need to use them on the back of the cake to encourage baby to eat it. A clean outfit is needed for baby to go home in. Usually this is just the outfit they come in and baby is changed into the session outfit once you arrive. If adding on a splash bath, a towel is great to have on hand. If you forget to bring one, I have disposable towels to use. 


Will mom/dad get messy?

Most likely, yes! At 11 and 12 months, baby's are pretty active. Someone will need to assist in taking baby back to the set as they are typically gone by the time I back up from placing them to taking the picture. Icing does spread easy so be prepared to get some on you and dress comfortably for the session. 


May I invite family members?

It's preferred to have it limited to immediate family members. The more people at the session, the more distracted baby tends to be.


What theme can I choose?

The best part is you can choose any theme you want! I create a custom set for each and every baby and do not make sets identical. I encourage clients to make the theme something personal and special to them or baby. Some ideas are:

1. Just colors- no theme

2. Favorite song or book. Example: Baby Shark, Peter Rabbit, Mary had a Little Lamb, Tinkle Little Star, etc

3. Holidays or Seasons- Christmas, Winter, Valentines, Halloween, St. Patrick's, Spring, Hanukkah, etc

4. Florals and/or boho

5. Favorite Toys- ABCs, blocks, legos, dolls, a stuffed animal, teddy bears, etc

6. Favorite Family Activity/Vacation- hiking, camping, fishing, the pool, baking, etc.

7. A Career- a policeman, mechanic, fireman, nurse, etc.

8. The Nursery- whatever theme the nursery you created is

9. An important/sentimental moment  for you/your family- a trip somewhere, the place you got engaged, an event you go to, etc.

10. A favorite show, character or movie- Disney, Cocomelon, Mickey Mouse, princess, Harry Potter, superhero, etc. 

11. The theme of the birthday party

12. A favorite food- watermelons, strawberries, spaghetti, pizza, Cheerios, lemons, etc.


What cake design can I choose?

My professional cakes are made by Deanna's Cakery in Temecula. You can add on a simple design cake for $35 or a custom design cake for $55.

                                                                         Examples of Simple Design Cakes for $35:

Ruffle Cake, Solid or Texture Cake, Drip Cake, Rosette Cake, Ombre Color Cake, Naked Cake


Examples of Custom Design Cake for $55:

Cakes with fondant or complex designs