Newborn Infant Photographer - Baby Portraits

How to Prepare for Your Session


Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived! It's time to get those newborn portraits. You usually only have a couple of hours with your newborn infant photographer. So how do you make the most of your time? Here are some tips on preparing for your newborn session.

The best time to do a newborn session is when your baby is 5-10 days old. At this age, newborns tend to sleep through anything and won’t wake when we move them from one pose to the next. A well fed baby is a sleep baby! Try feeding your little one about 15-30 minutes before the session. I set aside 2-3 hours for the session for any feedings, changings, rocking and other breaks. We run on their schedule; they don't run on ours, so don't stress about the time frame. If the session goes a little beyond 3 hours, don’t worry. It’s always a good idea to bump up the heat in your home just a little bit for the session. Newborns can lose body heat very quickly and we want them to be comfortable during those natural, unclothed shots. This will also help them stay asleep. With a warm house and a full belly, your newborn will likely sleep through the entire session.


At least an hour prior to your session, try not to have any tight clothing on your baby, such as tight socks or even a tight diaper. When your newborn is unclothed, those items tend to leave marks on the skin and only come out with time. You don't need to worry if your newborn has dry skin, little scratches, or acne. I can eliminate all or most of those imperfections during the retouching process. However, if you're baby does have a significant amount of dry skin, apply some baby lotion to the areas prior to your session and it will definitely help. 

The session will be done in the comforts of your own home. No need to pack everything up and bring that little baby out so early. I will be bringing blankets, baskets, hats, and other props for the session. If there is anything that you would like to have in the shots, I absolutely welcome it! I will be taking plenty of shots where your newborn is unclothed. You can choose to have the session completely unclothed and natural or if there is an outfit or two you would like for your newborn to wear, we’ll make sure we get it all for you.

Unless you're having a scheduled C-section, you're not going to know exactly when your baby will arrive. So when you book your session, let me know your due date and I'll keep the date flexible as we wait. When your baby does arrive, contact me and we can schedule a concrete date for your session for later that week.


What to expect after:

A day or two after the session, I will post a sneak peak of your session to Facebook on the Megan Leigh Photography page. Here you can share with friends and family. You are welcomed to tag yourself in these images and share them, however, remember to keep the logo intact and alternations are not allowed.  Once all images have been retouched, a private online gallery will be created for you where you can view your images and order prints and products. You can expect at least 20-25 images in your gallery.