Maternity Photographer- Best Remembrance of Motherly Warmth

How to Prepare for Your Session

So you’re counting down the weeks (or days) until you can meet your new bundle of joy. You have a beautiful baby bump that you only get to enjoy for a few months. Capture the beauty of your pregnancy and the miracle of the baby growing inside of you with a maternity session. Your photos will capture the excitement and joy of this amazing time in your life.  Maternity photos are the best way to show off your glow and motherly warmth. But before you have your maternity session, here are some things to help you prepare:

Plan ahead- What do you want to accomplish from your maternity session? Or perhaps more importantly, how will you be using your maternity photos? Will they be used for holiday or announcement cards? Will they be framed in your home? Or created into an album? Will it be only you or you and your family? What about props? Maybe some stuffed animals, ultrasound picture or baby booties for your baby can add a special touch. If you want certain poses during your session, be sure to let me know.

Timing- The best time for a maternity photo session is 30-36 weeks pregnant. You don’t want to wait too long to book your session. Baby may come a little early or you may not be feeling up to it so close to the due date. You want to feel comfortable (as much as you can) but still have a significant baby bump since that will be the focus of your session. Booking your session in your second trimester will give you plenty of time to think about what you want out of it and ensure you get on my calendar.

Setting- You will also need to decide on a setting. Do you want it outside, such as the beach, a park, a lake, etc.? Or in the comforts of your own home? It can be a lifestyle session or in front of a backdrop/window. The benefit of doing it at home, is that you’ll be very comfortable there. However, make sure that your home is cleaned and clear of clutter so that it doesn’t show up in your photos.

What to wear- Now to decide what to wear for your maternity session. Partial nude? Lingerie? A flowing dress? Fully clothed? Bare-belly? Do you want pops of color? Or timeless neutrals? Find something that makes you comfortable and feel beautiful! If planning on being bare belly or partial nude, avoid tight clothing before your session as they tend to leave indents in your skin. This includes bras, jewelry, elastic panties and socks (unless you’re staying in your undergarments for the session).

Stretch marks- Most pregnant women get stretch marks. Don’t stress over them for your maternity session. I will be able to completely remove or at least drastically reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. If there is anything else, such as tattoos or birthmarks, that you would like to be removed as well, please let me know before or during your session.